Medical devices
for neuro-visual evaluation
and rehabilitation in Telemedicine

AvDesk medical device with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and dedicated Linari Cloud platform

AvDesk® allows doctors and therapists to develop a personalized daily cognitive training path on the needs of the assisted person, guaranteeing appreciable improvements after two weeks of treatment

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Neurovisual rehabilitation as needed

Compact, lightweight and easy to carry, AvDesk®has been designed to take advantage of telemedicine and, in turn, make it possible to be used directly at home, without requiring the constant presence of a specialist doctor or therapist.

At home
Dispositivo AvDesk in casa
In clinic
Dispositivo AvDesk in clinica
In medical office
Dispositivo AvDesk in ambulatorio

A path full of awards

CE certification
CE certification
Class I medical device
International patent
International patent
Europe, Switzerland, USA, Canada and Japan
International patent
Technological leadership
Clinical trials with international partners
Innovation Prize
Innovation Prize
Chamber of Commerce of Pisa
Best Innovative Device Technology
Best Innovative Device Technology
Life Science Excellence Awards 2019
General Confederation of Italian Industry Medical Devices

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