Neuro-visual rehabilitation in telemedicine

Telemedicine allows to use AvDesk® in clinic or in medical office without the physical presence of a doctor or assistant. What makes that possible is the union between cloud-connected artificial intelligence technologies and doctor sensibility and experience.

The Linari Medical specialists take care of the patient on remote during the whole treatment, daily updating and adapting the treatment protocol, based on patient’s real brain plasticity.

Tele-neurovisual rehabilitation therapy scheme
Tele-neurovisual rehabilitation therapy scheme

Artificial Intelligence and Telemedicine

What makes AvDesk an innovative device for telemedicine is the Artificial Intelligence system, which guides and monitors the patient throughout the therapeutic process, up to the daily elaboration of the graphs.

AvDesk requires the patient to follow the audio-visual stimuli emitted according to the therapy elaborated by the remote tutor and to press a button as quickly as possible each time they are perceived.

An AI algorithm helps the patient keep the face in the correct orientation and continuously compares the position of hundreds of specific points on the face to detect their absolute position in space and the direction of gaze.

Telemedicina a AI - AvDesk tracking del viso

AvDesk riconosce e segue il volto del paziente

When there is a discrepancy with the ideal position, the system blocks the rehabilitation session and, through special light indicators, suggests how to correct it.

From a technical point of view, the device is composed of: horizontal curved monitor which gives visual-audio stimuli spatially distributed over 180°: a high-resolution video camera, with night vision, integrated in the central panel of the curved screen and connected to the processing module with Artificial Intelligence which also acts as a data collection unit through proprietary software connected to the Linari Medical Cloud and a signaling interface (wireless button) that can be operated by the patient to indicate the detection of the stimulus delivered.

Where to use AvDesk

Compact, lightweight and easy to carry, AvDesk®has been designed to take advantage of telemedicine and, in turn, make it possible to be used directly at home, without requiring the constant presence of a specialist doctor or therapist.

Dispositivo AvDesk in casa
AvDesk at home

Portable, lightweight and easy-to-install, it can be placed on an ordinary desk in a quiet environment. Doctor will remotely indicate the personalized therapy to be performed in complete autonomy on a daily basis.

Dispositivo AvDesk in clinica
AvDesk in clinic

In the clinic AvDesk can be placed near the patient's bed, thanks to the new stand with wheels that allows the device to be used horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.

Dispositivo AvDesk in clinica
AvDesk in medical office

You can perform personalized therapy in medical office of certified doctors.