Abil Nova

Abil Nova - formerly AbC IRIFOR of Trentino, represents a reference center for people suffering from visual pathologies, offering prevention, assistance and rehabilitation services in order to increase the individual's ability to control their health and the management of disability for improve the quality of life.

Attention to the user and to the family, school, professional and socio-health context is guaranteed through a global and interdisciplinary approach based on team and network work. The Cooperative has always made specific skills available to users, thanks to a multidisciplinary team that accompanies the person with sensory disabilities towards the acquisition of the highest possible level of autonomy, offering services, tools, professionalism and humanity.


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Low Vision Academy - 30 settembre / 1 Ottobre

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SIOL -  6 / 7 ottobre
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Giornata mondiale della vista - 21 Ottobre
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