Dr. Enrica Fontanelli

Dott. Enrica Fontanelli

Dr. Fontanelli is a Linari Medical Certified Therapist, qualified to administer AvDesk therapies to children and adults with visual impairment..

Doc. Fontanelli is Assistant Orthoptist in Ophthalmology, graduated in Orthoptics and Ophthalmological Assistance at the University of Siena; She is also pursuing a First Level Master’s degree at the University of Rome La Sapienza in “New techniques and strategies of visual rehabilitation”.

She currently carries out research in the ophthalmology field at the C.N.R. Tuscany region. Her skills range from: Anatomy and pathology of the visual apparatus; Neuro-ophthalmology; Eye surgery; Functional rehabilitation; Low vision; Campimetry; Eye diseases and related pathologies; Ocular motility clinic and rehabilitation; Orthotic sciences in the pediatric field.

Thanks to the Linari Medical qualification, Dr. Fontanelli offers the possibility to undergo therapy in your office or comfortably at home, following you remotely, depending on your preferences.

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