Dr. Federico Bartolomei

Dott. Federico Bartolomei - ortottista

Dr. Bartolomei is a Linari Medical Certified Therapist, qualified to administer AvDesk therapies in children and adults with visual field disorders, and conducts his practice at the Bologna office with the possibility of following the patient remotely.

Dr. Federico Bartolomei Orthoptist graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Bologna in 1997 and has 25 years of experience in the field of visual rehabilitation.

Coordinator of low vision activities at the F. Cavazza Institute for the Blind in Bologna, he is in charge of the multicenter research project D.A.Re (Devices & Aids Register).

A speaker at more than 150 among national and international scientific events, author of numerous publications of both scientific and popular nature, he has always been involved in research and development in the field of visual education and rehabilitation also devising a specific tool for home visual training (Vision Pad Home Trainer).

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