Dr. Martina Lepri

Dott.ssa Martina Lepri

Dr. Lepri is a Linari Medical Certified Therapist, qualified to administer AvDesk therapies to children and adults with visual impairment.

Doc Martina Lepri is an Orthoptist and Assistant in Ophthalmology, graduated in Orthoptics and Ophthalmological Assistance at the University of Florence; she also obtained the certificate of Qualified Expert in Low Vision at the International School of Optics and Optometry in Florence.

Currently She works as Assistant Orthoptist in Ophthalmology and Key Operator at the San Rossore Clinic in Pisa. In the past years she has been involved in numerous social and scientific projects including: free orthoptic screening in all kindergartens and primary schools in the municipality of Pisa for a total of 2500 children (age range: 3-7 years); scientific publications in the field of low vision.

Thanks to the Linari Medical qualification, Dr. Lepri offers the possibility to undergo therapy in your office or comfortably at home, following you remotely, depending on your preferences.

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