Audiovisual cross-modal rehabilitation of cochlear implant patient using AvDesk

Saturday, November 11, 2023 Linari Medical was the protagonist at the XXXIX National Congress SIAF with the course “Audiovisual cross-modal rehabilitation of the cochlear implant patient using AvDesk.”

The talk, presented by Francesca Forli, Francesco Lazzerini and Caterina Stimola (CEO of Linari Medical) highlighted the benefits of AvDesk audiovisual cross-modal rehabilitation on the cochlear implant patient, results that are the subject of forthcoming scientific publications.

Linari Medical SIAF 2023 Pisa talk

Research confirms the therapeutic value of AvDesk as a device capable of treating even so-called frontier diseases.

We thank Stefano Berrettini, president of SIAF (Società Italiana di Audiologia e Foniatria), the Organizing Committee and the Board of Directors for hosting us at the new Polo della Memoria San Rossore 1938 building in Pisa.